What We Do

Stock Pitches

Analysts pitch companies for the fund to invest in. Investment decisions are voted in democratically and are evaluated against our broader investment strategy. Our investment strategy is the culmination of analysis from our Macro and Micro Committees. When a new company is added to the portfolio, a covering analyst is assigned to monitor the progress of the stock. The central role of the fund is to give students the opportunity to experience equity investment on a first-hand basis. We believe that stock pitches are a fundamental element of this education. As such, they provide the basis of our weekly meetings. Analysts choose to pitch individually or in groups and are expected to pitch at least once in an academic year. The fund is currently investing our initial AUM and stock pitches are central to this process. As the fund matures, portfolio management and monitoring is likely to play an increasingly significant role in the fund’s activities.


The Macro Committee provides a global view of the investment environment and determines the fund’s exposure in each of 5 the regional areas. The Macro Committee focuses on issues such as monetary and fiscal policies, political reforms, foreign exchange market and other events that affect economies of interest. The Macro and Micro Committees release a fortnightly strategy report, which includes the fund’s profit/loss statement, weekly Macro and Micro Focus analysis, region and sector exposures and outlooks.


The Micro committee determines the fund’s investment view at a sector level and oversees its current portfolio. The micro committee uses the Macro committee’s insights and its own views to highlight sectors or companies of particular interest that suit the fund’s investment strategy. Part of the teams responsibilities is to produce a sector-outlook on a quarterly basis. Additionally, members of the Micro committee acts as a devil’s advocate during pitches highlighting concerns or interesting facts.


Analysts write once a term for the fund’s weekly report. The report includes macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis as well as event driven or personal interest sections. Analysts are encouraged to use the Weekly Report to conduct independent research and develop their individual interests and areas of expertise. Many analysts choose to use articles that expand on analysis from stock pitches or Macro and Micro Committee focuses.

Investor Relations

The Investor Relations team is responsible for bringing in external speakers, sourcing investment capital and acquiring sponsorship to further develop the fund. The IR team also focuses on building a network with fund alumni to support new individuals as they progress through the fund and into their careers. We are also seeking current University of York alumni who may be interested in becoming mentors for our analysts.