What is the Griff Investment Fund?

See the about section.


How can I apply to become a member?

Our applications are usually open in October. If you are a student at the University of York and wish to become an analyst next year please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GriffFund/ for further details on how to apply. The fund is open to applications from candidates from any academic department and is proud of its diversity.


Who sponsors you?

York alumni and the CIO of the First State Asset Management Paul Griffiths made a generous donation of in 2013. We are currently seeking more investors to expand the fund.


How can I check your holdings?

Unfortunately, because we are managing a part of the university’s endowment, we cannot currently publish our holdings and previous investments.


Who is involved with the fund?

Students from the University of York are selected to become Griff analysts. These analysts are mentored by the committee and are also supported by Keith Anderson, a professor at the University, and Paul Griffiths, CIO and donor.


What support systems are there within the Fund?

As members are selected to be analysts, a more senior member will act as their mentor for the rest of their time with the fund. These mentors assist with graduate applications and furthering any technical knowledge that is required.


What does the Griff Investment Fund expect from its members?

As an analyst for the fund you are expected to:

  • Pitch a stock of your choice to the rest of the group at least once every academic year
  • Work as part of a team to research and deliver presentations on the current global economic environment to assist the fund’s strategy
  • Write an article for the fund’s weekly report once a term


How are we different from other societies in York?

We are a competitive investment fund with members chosen after a two part interview at the beginning of the academic year. Through our weekly meetings, we discuss relevant events that could have an impact on our holdings and the broader financial markets.


How does the investment decision making process work at Griff?

Analysts prepare pitches in advance of meetings using the research compiled by the Macro and Micro Committees. After the pitch and a period of questioning, the fund then vote on whether to add the stock to the portfolio. Successful analysts then monitor their stock and provide the group with regular updates on how it is performing.


How does it benefit our members?

There are many opportunities for members to improve their knowledge and awareness of global equity markets, macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis during their time with the fund.


How can I support you and your analysts?

We are always eager to look for sponsorship and wish to create a network of alumni to continue supporting our analysts once they have graduated. If you are York alumni and are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us.